Summer Styles, Summer Wines: Dave Masin on the La Crema Blog

With temperatures really starting to heat up this summer, we’re dreaming of kicking back with a cool, smooth glass of vino. As part of our relationship with La Crema Winery, each year we are thrilled to feature their wines at our DIFFA GLAM tablescapes event, and Dave Masin is now a regular design contributor on the the La Crema Blog. In his most recent post, Dave has selected a few of his favorite La Crema varietals, and has paired these luscious wines with some terrific, fashion-forward furniture picks. Below are excepts from the post.

“First, to complement La Crema’s creamy, smooth Sonoma Coast Chardonnay I’ve selected Hancock and Moore’s “Exquisite” sofa. The Chardonnay’s delicate finish compares nicely to the touch of Hancock and Moore’s famous leathers. Just run your hand across the surface of this piece and you’ll recall similar qualities to the wine’s rich, lush elements. The tufting and new traditional styling of this sofa are a perfect match for this classic Chardonnay.”

“Next, the crisp clean complexity of La Crema’s Monterey Pinot Gris is reflected beautifully in Baker Furniture’s new “Grand Jewel” mirror by designer Thomas Pheasant. Fresh and elegant, this wine pairs perfectly with this mirror’s clean, architectural lines and bold, modern perspective.”


“And Finally, I’m truly ready to celebrate summer with La Crema’s Pinot Noir Rosé, while swaying in the breeze on Dedon’s sensational Swingrest, shown here in festive pink. This slightly sweet, vivid, vibrant wine is a perfect complement to the Swingrest. Sip in style while savoring notes of luscious cheery, berry and plum.”

Cheers and enjoy this terrific summer weather, everyone!